Fireplace Kits

Jimstone Co. now carries a full line of Stone Age Manufacturing fireplace kits.

Stone Age Manufacturing’s Fireplaces come packaged as kits in three different sizes 24, 36, and 48 inch designations. This measurement refers to the width of the opening of the firebox on each model. Additionally, we carry a 36-inch see-through fireplace. Each of these models is customizable with the option of an arched or straight top opening over the firebox and can be used to burn wood or gas logs.

Our flagship product, the Stone Age Fireplace, is a designed centerpiece for any outdoor living space. Stone Age Fireplaces are
engineered with a deep firebox to maximize draft performance and minimize particulate and dust expulsion from the front of the fireplace in high winds.

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The Holland Stone Parkway Series pavers capture the timeless elegance of simplistic design. Straight, defined edges are unique to this paving stone. Holland Stone Parkway Series is available in a standard, Heritage and Provencial finish. The Provencial finish is renowned for its captivating fine gradient texture, bright color presentation and endurance.

A timeless paver with an impressionistic embossed surface profile, the Plaza Stone series provides an array of pattern options. Available in many colors, choose the Plaza Stone paver in standard or Heritage Series finish to deliver unlimited design possibilities.

The exteriors are designed to be outfitted with whatever choice of natural thin veneer stone, full veneer stone, fabricated stone, brick, stucco or any other concrete adherent that is desired, so that our fireplaces can be easily integrated into any existing or planned outdoor living area.

Stone Age Fireplaces come ready to assemble and can be constructed off of the pallet in approximately 4-6 hours. Included in each kit are the modular masonry pieces themselves, fire brick to line the firebox, and detailed instructions.

The installation process has been specifically designed to help ensure your success. Stone Age Manufacturing also offers a complete line of accessories, such as cooking implements, chimney caps, and cooking grates. All of our fireplace kits are available at any of our stores in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Lacombe.

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