Fire Pits

A Stone Age Outdoor Fire Pit from JimStone Co. provides warmth and ambience to any outdoor living area.

Whether you are entertaining guests or just enjoying an evening by the fire, Stone Age fire pits bring life to outdoor living.

The fire pit can be seamlessly integrated into any existing or theorized outdoor living space, with anything from natural thin veneer stone, full veneer stone, or fabricated stone to brick, stucco or any other concrete adherent.

Our fire pits are engineered for a very simple installation that can be done in as little as an hour, making them a quick, inexpensive addition that will provide many years of entertainment.

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Stone Age’s fire pits are perfect for burning wood, but are just as inviting with gas log or fire pit glass applications as well. Check out our accessories page for more options to customize your fire pit. All of our fire pits are available at any of our stores in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Lacombe.

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